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  1. Our process

Our process

The material used in our products is pre-loved, instilled with the creases and wearing from the previous owners, varying in environments and history. Harlie K’s material is not simply recycled, it is taken apart and reformed into a novel premium product. Before becoming suitable to use, the material is disintegrated, washed, and cut. After going through the basic process, it is met with the hands of the designer, transformed into a one of a kind, sustainable item. The process is made possible with the efforts
of the senior community and local women who lacked employment opportunities.
  • Material Collection

    All materials are collected according to the necessary amount for each item. Donated articles of clothing available at places including second-hand shops and churches are exchanged with the appropriate compensation. The collection and usage of versatile materials is proceeded with trying to create as little waste as possible.
  • Fabrication Design

    Based on the material which the greatest scale, the patterns follow suit through processes which include mix-matching and reformation. The components are designated according to the sewing process diagram and are then connected.
  • Sewing and Fabrication

    Harlie K also creates accessories including belts, belts, and buttons. The accessory stitching process is rigorous as strategically fuse material and fabric ultimately determines the quality of the final product.
  • Product Production & Social Contributions

    Harlie K creates products alongside women and senior citizens facing difficulties rejoining the workforce, to promote an all-around sustainably developing business practice. In January of 2021, we became an official member of ‘1% For The Planet’, a partnership where businesses donate 1 percent of their revenue to environmental conservation groups and foundations. Our core values are reflected when we grow with our local communities, are cautious and aware of our environment, and consume sustainably.